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When was the last time you heard nothing? This week we explore wild silence—the most extraordinary places for travelers to find it, why we need it, and how we can enjoy it while being pampered with the ultimate in creature comforts. Shhhhhh and listen below. 

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Wild Silence

Wild Silence

I've never been so cold in my life. It's January in Yellowstone National Park and we're on the prowl for the park's famously elusive wolves. My watch lights up with the time: not even 6 a.m. But our guide insists that the earlier the better so we're up before dawn, packed into a van and crossing our frozen fingers that our efforts will pay off. He spots a National Geographic photographer he knows just pulling over ahead of us. If anyone knows where the wolves are, it's this guy.

This Is Your Brain on Nature // National Geographic Magazine

When you head out to the desert, David Strayer is the kind of man you want behind the wheel. He never texts or talks on the phone while driving. He doesn’t even approve of eating in the car. A cognitive psychologist at the University of Utah who specializes in attention, Strayer knows our brains are prone to mistakes, especially when we’re multitasking and dodging distractions. Among other things, his research has shown that using a cell phone impairs most drivers as much as drinking alcohol does.
Strayer is in a unique position to understand what modern life does to us. An avid backpacker, he thinks he knows the antidote: Nature.

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