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South Africa. The cradle of humanity. Home to some of the world's most iconic wild spaces. Timeless, yet changing rapidly, among other mysteries, and beautiful and challenging contradictions. South Africa is an epic story still in progress. Listen in.  


Can Tourism Save The Rhino?

In his recent Globe and Mail piece below, travel and culture journalist Drew Gough kicks off our show with a nuanced look at one experience of a big game safari.  

“It’s okay—come closer. They won’t hurt us. They’re curious about you.”

It’s near dusk in the Phinda Private Game Reserve, a few miles from South Africa’s northeastern coast in KwaZulu-Natal province. The late-afternoon drizzle has let up slightly, and the soft light and gently humming insects fill this clearing in the forest with a false calm—punctured regularly by the eight 5,000-pound white rhinoceroses stomping around nearby.  Read the full article.


From The Divine Destination Collection

Allison Frame of The Divine Destination Collection shares TDDC'S experience of South Africa's incredible diversity—from the natural splendour of Cape Town to the wineries in Stellenbosch or a Big Five safari next to Kruger National Park. You know what they say about a picture. See below.


The Great South African Cookbook

From Publisher and Creative Director of Quivertree Publications Libby Doyle.

67* of South Africa’s finest cooks, chefs, gardeners, bakers, farmers, foragers and local food heroes let Quivertree Publications into their homes—and their hearts—as they shared the recipes they made for the people they love. Each recipe is accompanied by stunning original photography that captures the essence of this beautiful country. Featuring over 130 recipes, from tried and true classics to contemporary fare, The Great South African Cookbook showcases the diversity and creativity of South Africa’s vibrant, unique food culture.

* Nelson Mandela gave 67 years of his life to the struggle for human rights and social justice. The Great South African Cookbook was released in conjunction with Mandela Day in July 2016, and The Nelson Mandela Foundation received all royalties from sales of the book to develop and support community food and agricultural projects that would improve the lives of those who are in need of food and who need to be freed from poverty.

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For us snowbirds north of 49th parallel, our notion of Mexico can be involuntarily shaped by widespread promotions of sun and sand, all-inclusive packages—easy enticing respites from harsh Canadian winters. What an injustice. In this show, the ladies at The Divine Destination Collection and others help us dive deep, beyond the stereotypes, to experience the rich resonant culture of Mexico's Yucatan.

The Full Maya

The Full Maya

So the truth is, it was never a conscious thing not to go to Mexico. But now I admit, there might have been the odd stereotype in the way—I likely envisioned just all-inclusives. I no doubt pictured bachelorette soirees where most of the group missed the bus to Chichén Itzá and spent days over-communicating between tequila shots. Of course, there would be stunning beaches, but I’m not so much a sun and sand girl. I don’t think I’m a group travel girl and—definitely—I’m not really a resort girl. I mean, I’m an exploring kind of traveler. Who needs all that pampering?

So of course, when a friend invited me on a girls’ luxe spiritual bonding getaway to Mexico’s Riviera Maya, well, I had to say yes. I mean, what is travel if not an opportunity to challenge our hardened beliefs and to invite personal transformation. So, with such higher purpose in mind, Yo fui—which is to say in local parlance, I went.