North Jutland

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If you think North Atlantic gales and cottage getaways are an odd pairing, well, you're not alone. But you'd be wrong. The Danish way is full of such seeming contradictions.  Come along on this enigmatic North Atlantic road trip.


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Restaurant Palægade


Finding the Hygge

Finding the Hygge

Ah, those inscrutable Danes—bold yet reserved, stylish yet unaffected, pragmatic yet mysterious in a steely Nordic way. Even their most cherished of holiday regions feels infused with bits of contradiction. The Jutland Peninsula is in many ways Danish cottage country, but it’s also a window to the sort of oblique Danish sensibility. Our road trip exploring this ethereal North Atlantic strand began in Billund—the hometown of LEGO. It was a few years ago now, but here’s the story of that journey.

Beyond Noma: Why Denmark Is Europe's Best Country for Food // Condé Nast Traveler

Copenhagen has rightly earned a name for itself as one of the best culinary destinations in the world, thanks largely in part to the much-lauded Noma. But it's not the only reason Denmark should be on your foodie bucket list—Henne Kirkeby Kro, a cluster of homey, thatched cottages nestled in the Jutland far west of the city, has a charm (and a mouthwatering menu) all its own.