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The transformation from outsider to denizen within any foreign land can be gradual, sometimes hard-won. Certainly, embedding in the fascinating, unfamiliar culture of South Korea is no exception. Our very own Segment Producer Lindsay McEwen walks us through her subtle yet profound metamorphosis over three years teaching English as a second language in Seoul. This lovely feature kicks off Native Traveler's full hour exploring South Korea—just in time to inspire those contemplating a visit to the 2018 Winter Olympic in Pyeongchang. 즐기세요 (enjoy)! 

Lindsay's Korea Snapshots

A Taste of Koreatown

A Taste of Koreatown

Koreatown: A Cookbook offers a yummy blend of 100 recipes, essays, profiles and documentary-style photography with a focus on lesser-known aspects of Korean food, drink and culture. Written by NYC chef Deuki Hong and food/travel/culture writer Matt Rodbard, it celebrates the exploding Korean food movement in the United States and abroad. Matt and Deuki kindly share a couple of their favourite recipes with us.