Sundry Algonquin Tips

Off the Lake

Whitewater raft on the Madawaska River. Hike and mountain bike on park trails. Beckon wolves to answer at evening Wolf Howls.

Local Chow

Book ahead for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Arowhon Pines—a historic wilderness lodge with food rivaling top tables anywhere.


Watch for moose, deer, fox, wolves, beavers, loons, blue herons, etc. Hang your food in a tree and make noise in the bush so as not to find black bears.


Ice out, of course. Spring fishing for lake trout. A visit to Thomson’s Cairn and Totem Pole Memorials on Hayhurst Point. Tripping Big Trout Loop.

The Experts

A Canoe Lake fixture, the Portage Store offers complete outfitting, tripping advice, and guides. See here for park info and attractions.

Other Required Reading

Northern Light by Roy MacGregor—a crash course in local lore. The Last Guide: A Story of Fish and Love by Ron Corbett.