A Secret Corner of Paradise

"I have never seen water so blue," says Native Traveler Senior Producer Cara Ferguson of her first glimpse of Exuma, as their plane descended for landing. No stranger to stunning tropical destinations, Cara was awestruck by this lesser-known district of the Bahamas, consisting of over 365 islands, also called cays. Great Exuma is the largest of these cays. Cara traveled here with Toronto-area chef/writer Phil Pearce whose embedded local connections gave them a vivid insider's perspective. Hear all about this in our Exuma show feature.

Cara insists their home base on Great Exuma, the Grand Isle Resort & Spa, was a highlight. "Their villas make for a wonderfully private experience," she explained. "Of course, expect all the trimmings of 5-star accommodations, but it's the care and personal touch of the people who work here that really put this luxe resort over the top."

Flyfishing, diving, snorkeling, great food, and more—Cara says you can even buy your own piece of paradise at this resort. The pictures below speak for themselves.