Chat 'n' Chill's Famous Conch Salad

Conch (commonly pronounced "konk") is the Bahamas' national food and a true Bahamian delicacy. It can be eaten steamed or deep-fried, but we would argue that the best way to try it is freshly chopped in a conch salad.

Chat 'n' Chill, located on Stocking Island just across from Exuma's main harbour, is famous for its open-air bar and waterside conch salad shack—well worth a visit if you're in town! The chef will take the conch from the sea, crack it open, and prepare it right in front of your eyes. Mix in some locally-grown tomatoes, onions, peppers, and Bahamian sea salt, and voila! Your fresh-from-the-ocean meal is ready.

Watch Chat 'n' Chill's Chef Ronaldo expertly whipping up some conch salad in the video below.