At Native Traveler, we believe travel is important. At its best, it makes us bigger people, more worthy global citizens. That’s the foundation of our award-winning podcast — a fresh and compelling voice amid today’s fire hose of listicle, trend-driven travel media.

What specifically makes us different? We anchor each show with a vivid, up-close radio documentary told by embedded contributors around the world — a deep dive into characters and issues that define local ways of life. Specifically, we seek out stories that bring to life the ‘one big thing’ about a culture, destination or travel theme. It’s the thing at a given point in time that, if travelers knew only this before they went, it would change the way they saw everything. We then pull back the lens, illuminating these themes in interviews with fascinating, timely experts — all backed by great online visuals and service info.


We think travel is more important now than ever before — a powerful inoculation against prejudice, and fear of change and the unfamiliar. However, travel is also one of the biggest emerging sustainability issues globally. There’s been explosive growth in the number of travelers on the road today compared to even a decade ago. And the very tools that have empowered us to explore farther, deeper and in greater numbers, can often frame the world as a menu of consumables.

Our podcast is something different. It gives a thriving new home to travel’s long-standing tradition of meaningful cultural narratives, being crowded out by listicles and influencers elsewhere. Our goal: to inspire and equip thoughtful, curious and more humble travelers — partly because it’s the right thing to do, but equally because it makes for a far richer travel experience.


Native Traveler was broadcast nationally on SiriusXM Canada throughout 2017. The format resonated quickly. Think “This American Life” meets travel in a radio doc style with soundscape and embedded interviews.

We've produced the work of contributors from Forbes, National Geographic, WaPo, The Globe & Mail and others. The segments following pull back the lens in interviews with related food, culture and travel experts. Again, it’s a unique format in the travel/culture space — spotlighting the creative diversity and audience followings of wide- ranging contributors, sponsors, editorial partners, and powerful influencers.

Now, we’re re-launching as a podcast, allowing much-needed time for thoughtful production. However, Native Traveler mini-features/podcast teasers (with partner and sponsor mentions) will be broadcast daily across Canada in primetime on SiriusXM Canada Talks, Channel 167 (over 3M subscribers and available to 24M subscribers in the US). Again, all backed by great online visuals and service info.


EOne offered our show a spot on their Canadian podcast network, but we decided it was worth the extra effort to keep control of our editorial future. Major travel print brands have shown interest in possible partnerships. The show has drawn kudos from NY Times, WaPo and National Geographic journalists/editors and contributors, among others. Award-winning WaPo/NY Times journalist/editor Elizabeth Becker says, “It’s a wonderful show — some of the best interview questions I’ve had.” Veteran Nat Geo writer Erla Zwingle says of our production, “You get five stars from me... You should be proud of the work you do, you're obviously of a different stripe than many editors and producers.” We’re honoured our work has been awarded a prestigious Lowell Thomas from the Society of American Travel Writers and three of the top four prizes in the audio broadcast category of the North American Travel Journalists Association awards.



Liz Beatty is a Society of American Travel Writers and North America Travel Writers Association award winner for both feature writing and broadcasting. She’s been a regular contributor to National Geographic Travel magazine, books and blogs for years. She writes too for The Guardian, T+L, AARP, The Walrus, Toronto LIfe and others. She’s an alumna of the revered Transom Radio Documentary Workshop. In a previous life, she headed up communications for some of travel’s most enviable brands. Liz appeared on a regular segment of an established SiriusXM food and lifestyle show before launching Native Traveler as host and executive producer. Native Traveler recently won top honours from both the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association.



Again, while our full show moves to a podcast format, Native Traveler mini-features and podcast teasers (including partner and sponsor mentions) will be broadcast daily across Canada in primetime on SiriusXM Canada Talks, Channel 167 (over 3M subscribers). See below more info on SiriusXM Canada. SiriusXM Canada is available to subscribers in the US as well.


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